BroadGrace Church

Who we are

BroadGrace is a church that began in May 2010. We exist to serve the people of Broadlands and North Norfolk. We meet at The River Rooms in Coltishall and would love to see people from the villages and towns roundabout coming together to get to know and follow Jesus.

In time we would love to see more churches started so that the villages and towns of North Norfolk have relaxed, welcoming, Jesus-centred communities in them to follow Jesus together and introduce others to him. We want to be a friendly and welcoming church. Sometimes Christians have a reputation for being holier-than-thou and judgmental. Often we deserve this reputation!  We want to be a church that doesn't deserve this reputation. We want to be welcoming, loving, forgiving like Jesus. Because we are people Jesus has forgiven, we have no right to look down on anyone else. Because Jesus has welcomed us, we can welcome others.

Jesus came to find us, so we aren't going to use jargon or complex arguments – we will just speak the truth about Jesus as plainly as we can. We are not religious people, and we don't think religion is very important – we are normal people who think Jesus is important. We want to be what a church should be – a bunch of people who don't take ourselves too seriously, but take Jesus seriously, and so live lives that are full and happy because he is our focus, not ourselves.

If you don't know Jesus, we would love to introduce you to him, to help answer your questions honestly and openly and to give you the chance to see what life is about. These are big claims, but we will do it over tea and cake (our church is all about Jesus... but when you visit us you might be forgiven for wondering if cake comes a close second!). So why not come along one Sunday and meet us? We are not clever, well educated or seemingly saintly people. We are a bunch of ordinary people who know an amazing God. His name is Jesus.