It is all about Jesus.

God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ

- from the Bible, Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth, chapter 4, verse 6

The fact that this church exists, and that we who are part of it are followers of Jesus, is a miracle of God. A miracle that is as powerful as when he simply spoke and light cut across the darkness. A miracle as loving as when he hung on a cross outside Jerusalem and died. On the cross, God died. He died so that we might be forgiven, he died so that we might be brought back to him, he died so that we could have joy and hope and life rather than misery and hell and death.

And so the church is all about Jesus. We long that this church will be utterly centred on Jesus who is our God, our King, our Lord and our Rescuer. He is the one who leads us in love to his Father God. He is the one who sends the Holy Spirit so that we are caught up into the family of love and joy that is God. He is the one who stands before us and draws us out of both our selfishness and our self-centredness.

We long that our lives are lived for Jesus, following him as our glorious King, trusting him as our closest friend and obeying him as our good Lord. We love him, and in him we find the deepest joy and most generous acceptance. In him we find forgiveness for our worst evil and pure innocence that covers our most shameful guilt.

Because of this, we want to be a friendly and welcoming church. Sometimes Christians have a reputation for being holier-than-thou and judgmental. Often we deserve this reputation!

We want BroadGrace to be a church that doesn't deserve this reputation. We want to be welcoming, loving, forgiving like Jesus. Because we are people Jesus has forgiven, we have no right to look down on anyone else. Because Jesus has welcomed us, we can welcome others.

Jesus came to find us, so we aren't going to use jargon or complex arguments – we will just speak the truth about Jesus as plainly as we can. We are not religious people, and we don't think religion is very important – we are normal people who think Jesus is important. We want to be what a church should be – a bunch of people who don't take ourselves too seriously, but take Jesus seriously, and so live lives that are full and happy because he is our focus, not ourselves.

If you don't know Jesus, we would love to introduce you to him, to help answer your questions honestly and openly and to give you the chance to see what life is about. These are big claims, but we will do it over tea and cake (our church is all about Jesus... but when you visit us you might be forgiven for wondering if cake comes a close second!). So why not come along one Sunday and meet us? We are not clever, well educated or seemingly saintly people. We are a bunch of ordinary people who know an amazing God. His name is Jesus.

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