Our main weekly meeting is each Sunday at 4pm. Here we will listen to a Bible reading and a talk from the reading, we will usually sing some songs praising God, we will pray to our God and spend time getting to know each other better in discussion and over some good coffee and cakes. The meeting usually finishes about 5.45pm.

Our meetings are laid-back and friendly, and we don't assume that people have been to church before. So if you've never been, come along and tell us if you don't get anything we're talking about – it will be our fault if we do, not yours! We sit round tables, not in rows, and there is no particular dress-code.

We think Jesus wants to welcome everyone to come to know him, so we want to do the same. We hope you will find a warm welcome if you come along and visit us. We especially want to make sure children feel welcome as well as adults. So we have quiz-sheets and colouring sheets as well as toys for very little ones. We don't mind if children make a bit of noise during the meeting, and we expect them to as we play on a Nintendo Wii and table tennis after church (although it's not just the children who seem to enjoy these...!).

We know that Sunday evenings can be a busy time for parents, so we provide a meal for children at the same time as the grown-ups have tea and cake. So there is one less job to do when you get home!

On the first Sunday each month we all have a meal together and also share bread and wine. This is to remember the death of Jesus for us and to enjoy again the generosity of a God who came to save us and did not expect us to come and find him. This means the meeting usually finishes a bit later on these Sundays.

Most weeks we meet at the Broadland Community Centre in Hoveton but occasionally we meet in Coltishall Village Hall. You can check where we will be this week by looking at the banner outside Broadland Community Centre, the home page of this website, or contact us directly.